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New York Findings established 1953 manufactures precious metal jewelry parts which we sell thru our catalogues to retail jewelers in the USA. 

The company was a part of Aetna Creations who was one of the most prominent manufactures of gold and silver charms.      If you have a charm bracelet from the 60's or 70"s there is a good chance  that next  to  the spot that that says 14k is my uncle Lou's trademark AE  (Aetna-Empire)       

The miniature masterpieces he created,  dangled  from  almost  every  feminine  wrist,  he  loved  creating  producing  and  selling  them.  

Most likely one of his his Aetna Creation charms  is in  your  very  own  collection  of  personal  treasures.

The Ivory tiles were imported by Aenta Creations in 1960.                                 Mel Kerber