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These sets are one of the two IVORY sets featured at

 It is set #260 listed under the "unique sets" section .

Every tile is ever so slightly different.  If the tile comes from near the hollow inside of the elephant tusk the grain lines are fine and even.       If the tile is

cut from the outside part of the tusk, the grain lines become wavy.     Unique to elephant ivory tiles are the lines of Retzius.      These fine intersecting

lines are visible in cross section and give an engine turned effect., intersecting lines with a diamond shape between them.  The tiles are all hand painted.

The set includes all the dots, cracks, bams, flowers winds jokers a regular set has.   In addition it contains unusual, Beautiful  Woman, Exercising  men,

Chinese musical instruments, Flute, flower pots, dragon, phoenix bird, elephant and snake tiles.       What you will do with these, I don't know but each

one is a miniature work of art.   Can you play with these sets?  Yes.    I believe most, just display and admire them.  The tiles are miniature, smaller then

regular size tiles.  Ivory sets are rare, since 1975, it cannot be imported into or exported out of the USA.   The one full size set my Aunt has is not for sale.