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The wooden mahjong set comes in a wooden box that looks old but is brand new.      It measures approximately 11" by 7 1/2"  by 1 3/4 inches.

It has a metal latch and metal handled                  

The boxes are imported from china and the picture on the front of each one is different.

You can purchase separately a box made of 172 Bakelite Mahjong tiles    The box is an additional $172.00 .     The tiles are glued together,

each one has a different tile arrangement.   The box would look great on your coffee table  and is perfect for storing your 220 piece miniature ivory

mahjong set in.    The box is strong, but if you drop it on a marble floor it will break.       The most important reason for  purchasing the box

is the $172 goes directly to my 15 year old niece who carefully glues all the tiles together and who came up with the design and idea for the box.

She uses the money for voice and singing lessons, and is convinced she will someday star at tne metropolitan opera.   So if you buy the box

you are supporting the arts.