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Vintage, imported into the USA in 1961, Elephant IVORY, miniature 220 piece mahjong set.         

In storage since 1961, tiles are in new condition.

They measure  approximately, 3/4" by 1/2" by 1/8"  or  18mm by 11.5mm by 4mm.                

Since 1975  it  has been illegal to import IVORY into the USA.

In 1960 my Aunt Mollie and uncle  Lou, traveled to the  Kwong Fat  Cheung Ivoryware  and Mahjong Factory 92A Island Road Aberdene, Kong Hong.

They retuned with one full size ivory set, with all the extra styles of tiles the factory made, and ordered  in miniature size 250 sets.                

Their company,

Aetna Creations, was the largest manufacturer of charms in the USA and they sold these tiles, framed in 14K Gold  or Sterling Silver as individual charms.

We guarantee these tiles are elephant IVORY.   Ivory has a visual depth in seen in bone.   

Included the the set is one ten power Jewelers loupe so you can see the tusk structure.                      

The most definitive patterns are described as looking like stacked chevrons or a cross hatch pattern often at the edges 

There are no black spots which is organic tissue which would indicate the tiles are bone.